Garment Alteration Request

I provide garment alteration services for local people only due to the natural of this activity. For those who lives in Harrisburg and Hershey area, please fill up below form. I will respond to you within 24 hours.

For your reference, here is a general list of common prices range for standard alterations on a variety of garments. It doesn't include wedding dresses or man's suit. Price will be determined after review it with you. 

 Hemming and/or shorten

  • Pants (include Jeans; lined trousers) $10 - $25
  • Shirt, blouses sleeves $15 -$25
  • Blazers $20 - $35 (sleeves with lining and buttons are normal cost more)
  • Skirt and dresses ($15 - $30)

Take in the body of a:

  • Shirt $15- $20
  • Jacket (reduce or enlarge) $25 - $35
  • Pants waist $25 - $40